Veterans Day Salute

“No duty is as urgent as that of returning thanks.”

James Allen, philosopher

As Veterans Day draws near, we at Hays + Sons would like to answer our call to the duty of gratitude. On behalf of all our employees, we would like to thank veterans for their continued service and great sacrifice. We find ourselves deeply inspired by those serving in the armed forces, and we strive to honor them by reflecting their values in both our personal lives and our business.

While we often dedicate our posts to helping our readers prepare for unexpected events like hurricanes, fires and flooded basements, we were inspired to express our appreciation for the values that the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force embody (and our team members aspire to). Specifically, we strive to be more like the armed forces with our:

  1. Integrity. Both the Army and the Air Force name integrity as one of their core values. So does Hays + Sons. Unwavering dedication to high moral values is a trait that our employees exemplify, and it’s what drives us to provide exceptional service to customers in their time of greatest need. We are grateful to veterans for reminding  us how important it is to serve our communities with integrity.
  2. Commitment. In its Core Values Charter, the U.S. Navy says this about commitment: “We will: Demand respect up and down the chain of command; Care for the safety, professional, personal and spiritual well-being of our people; Show respect toward all people without regard to race, religion, or gender; Treat each individual with human dignity; Be committed to positive change and constant improvement; Exhibit the highest degree of moral character, technical excellence, quality and competence in what we have been trained to do.” This core value serves as a reminder to all of us at Hays + Sons restoration company that commitment to caring for the safety and well-being of our community is a key reason for our very existence as a company. We’re honored to be called to help both families and businesses return to a sense of normalcy after an unexpected event.
  3. Honor. Members of the armed forces are expected to take responsibility for their actions and to keep their word. The Army believes that “Honor is a matter of carrying out, acting, and living the values of respect, duty, loyalty, selfless service, integrity and personal courage in everything they do.” We would like to take a moment to acknowledge our team members for exhibiting honor and thank them for valuing the customers we serve.

While Hays + Sons shares core values with the armed services, we are greatly humbled by their bravery. Veterans Day is an opportunity for us to remember the courageous men and women who lay their lives on the line, and sometimes make the ultimate sacrifice for our country, freedom and way of life. We are truly grateful this Veterans Day and thank you for your service.

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