Do You Have a Mold Problem?

Mold can silently be growing in your home, and you might not know it until it becomes a big headache for you. Mold can occur in rooms that have been through any water damage situations from plumbing issues, a leak in your roof or from the results of a flood. It can develop behind drywall, underneath carpeting or in wood materials.
People don’t realize how much of an effect mold can have on our bodies or health. Some mold can be poisonous and filled with chemicals known as mycotoxins, that can contaminate your body and distress your immunity system, your joints, and your nervous system.
There are warning signs that you can keep a look out for before mold takes over your home.
Strong odor
When the mold is growing and spreading in one area of your home, you may notice a strong and pungent smell. Because mold can grow behind walls or even wallpaper, you might not associate the smell with mold. If the odor is persistent and does not go away, the chances are that mold is growing somewhere in your home.
Appearance of mold
It is easier to spot mold in your shower or bathtub because you can easily tell the difference between soap scum and mold. However, in your basement, it may be more difficult to spot mold because it can hide and grow in deep, dark places. If you have any walls or floors that are regularly wet areas, mold can easily be growing in these areas.
Health symptoms
If you’re noticing that you are more congested than usual or experiencing watery eyes, these health issues are also signs of a mold presence. You may be living in a home filled with mold if your symptoms go away once you leave your house, and only appear when you are at home.
A small amount of mold will not cause any serious issues or major health problems, so knowing the early warning signs of mold will help you avoid unfortunate situations. If you do find mold in your home, Hays + Sons is here with our trained experts that will work through our mold removal and remediation process to ensure your home is safe for you and your family.

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