Warning Signs of Hail Damage

Hail falls without warning, so, unfortunately, there is no way to prepare for it. If the fallen hail is severe enough, it can cause damage to your home and roof. However, there are times that hail damage is not as bad as it seems and it does not leave behind any roof damage.
There are major warning signs of hail that you can look for if you are unsure that hail has damaged your roof.
Dented gutters or downspouts
Many times if the hail damage is significant enough to cause roof damage, your gutters will be impacted as well. If your gutters and downspouts are heavily dented or ripped in any place, your roof might need to be checked by a professional.
Damage to sidings
Check your home’s sidings and windowsills for dents and dings. If these places are destroyed, they are good indicators that your roof may also be damaged.
Shredded plants and trees
Are the plants and trees surrounding your yard shredded to pieces? If the landscaping around your home is damaged and not in good shape, chances are the fallen hail was severe enough to cause damage to your roof.
Check your air conditioner unit and mailbox
Air conditioner units contain a condenser coil that is made up of aluminum fins. These fins are exposed on the unit. If hail hits the fins, they will become bent and stop moving air through them. You should also take a look at your mailbox for any large dents. Cuts or dents in your mailbox and damage to your air conditioner are good indicators of roof damage.
Size of the hail
Hail can fall in all shapes and sizes. If you go outside after a storm and the hail is about a quarter size or smaller, most likely your roof will not have any damage. Now if the hail is the size of a golf ball or larger than you might want to be concerned about the potential damage to your roof.
Hail damage always happens when you least expect it. The worse part about it is that you never know how much damage the hail will cause. Once you call your insurance agent and an adjuster has confirmed there is damage to your roof, be sure to call Hays + Sons. We will be right there before you know it and we will get the job done the right way.

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