3 Tips To Ensure Pros Coming To Your Home Are Taking Appropriate COVID-19 Precautions

We’ve been inside, staring at our television screens in disbelief for what seems like an eternity. When watching movies showing people close together, it has become like watching a horror film as we anticipate people touching each other … “No. Don’t!” we think aloud. Our collective psyche has changed. Now, when we invite people (usually unavoidably) into our homes, we want to be safe, for their sake and ours. Of course, you know where you have been and what precautions you have taken during the Coronavirus pandemic, but what do you know, and what can you do about the outside workers that you may need to service your home at this time? 

Here are a few things you can do to make sure the pros coming to your home are taking appropriate precautions:

  1. Find out about their protocol ahead of time. Whether they post notices on their website or offer their guidelines over the phone, every company with employees that enter your home should have guidelines. In the very least, they should direct their employees to:
    1. Frequently wash their hands and avoid touching their faces
    2. Social distance (at least six feet) from other employees when possible and from customers at all times
    3. Monitor themselves for symptoms of coronavirus virus
    4. Wear face masks and/or other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Note: At your request, Hays + Sons employees will wear full PPE.
    5. Not report to work when they are sick
  2. Ask for a touchless transaction. Studies have shown that the virus could live on paper for more than three hours and plastic for three to seven days. 
    1. To avoid contact with potentially tainted surfaces, request a touchless sign off for any necessary documents. 
    2. Don’t exchange paper, pens, electronic devices, or anything for that matter. Instead, see if you can provide documents with your signature via email, website or fax. 
    3. In case it’s not possible, have some disposable latex gloves on hand, or use a paper towel to cover the items that you must touch. Then, give your hands a thorough wash afterward.
  3. Prepare the way. Find a path through your house that provides the least amount of outside exposure. 
    1. Ask the outside service people to use a different entrance, especially if it’s closer to the area they will be working. 
    2. Also consider precleaning the area where the pro(s) will be working, in the event the virus is unknowingly in your home. 
    3. While Hays + Sons regularly disinfects all of our equipment, vehicles, and the spaces we work in with Concrobium (an EPA-registered disinfectant tested to kill over 99.99% of viruses), some service providers may not have that level of safety available. In these cases, consider providing a disposable paper, plastic, or washable sheet where they can lay their equipment and personal items so you can further protect your surfaces from outside contaminants. You will also want to clean the surfaces in the areas that they worked after they leave.

While we all are still adjusting to the new normal, one thing remains constant: we are still here for you 24/7 and concerned about your wellbeing in your time of need. If you are in need of restoration during these uncertain times, we are completed suited for the task.


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