Contents Restoration for Your Personal or Business Property

Contents Restoration


When a fire, flood, or natural disaster impacts your home or business facility, damage is rarely limited to what you can see from the outside. Inside a residence, office, or other commercial building, the precious items in your home or office often sustain harm, which can result in priceless losses. While structural repairs are necessary to rebuild the house or building, contents restoration deals with salvaging your unique belongings and restoring them to their original condition as best as possible.

Insurance Claims for Interior Contents

Contents insurance or personal property coverage is the type of insurance coverage that helps repair & restore the contents damaged inside a home or building. In the event of a covered disaster such as a fire, theft, or storm damage, your priceless items will be restored or replaced. Replacement costs may be paid by providing the funds to replace damaged belongings with items of similar quality to the original. Or, claims may be paid based on the actual cash value of lost items, considering depreciation and other factors.

While no one expects to face a disaster such as a tornado or house fire, creating an inventory of your personal or business belongings ahead of time is very helpful in settling claims concerning a home or building’s contents. A home or business inventory lists all belongings & important details, including:

  • Photographs of rooms and items
  • Serial numbers
  • Brand and model numbers
  • Year of purchase
  • Receipts and appraisals

Standard contents insurance typically limits the recoverable amount for valuable items such as jewelry, tools, and equipment. For these items, a scheduled personal property rider will help you protect your valuables so that you receive appropriate compensation to replace expensive belongings should they be destroyed.

Meeting with Your Adjuster

When you file an insurance claim after a disaster, your assigned claims adjuster will schedule a time to walk through your property with the claim’s contents manager and assess the contents with you. The representative will take photos, create an inventory of your belongings, and determine the best course of action for contents restoration. During this meeting, be sure to point out important equipment and valuables that have sustained damage.

Contents Restoration Services

Bar code inventory systemA professional contents restoration contractor should be hired to perform the restoration of property that has been damaged. The team will carefully wrap, box up, and remove items from the home or building so that structural repairs can begin. Items are assessed and sorted based on what can be salvaged and what must be replaced, thanks to our bar code inventory system.

There are many restoration companies who perform structural work and contents restoration involved in insurance claims. Not all companies offering contents restoration services have the equipment and skilled laborers necessary to perform these services, and this work is usually subcontracted out to another company. When you hire Hays + Sons for your contents restoration needs, rest assured we provide the necessary equipment to salvage your belongings and have a team of specialized workers who know how to perform this delicate work.

How Are Items Restored?

Homes and businesses contain a variety of different items which can be damaged by fires, floods, and other disasters. The type of event that occurred as well as the damage involved will determine what services are needed to restore contents. Furniture, electronics, photos, artwork, and antiques are just a few of the types of items that require special care – it’s important you choose a contractor with the tools and expertise necessary to appropriately service these items, or else further damage may occur.

  • Ulltrasonic cleaning is performed to remove soot from items, cleaning every millimeter of surface area.
  • Hand cleaning methods are used to restore delicate items such as photos, collectibles, antiques, and treasured heirlooms that require extra attention to detail.
  • Various furniture cleaning methods are used to restore both antique and modern furnishings. Upholstery cleaning involves hot water extraction to remove soot or dry cleaning for water damaged items.
  • Electronics cleaning extracts key components for air drying to restore the function of home or business technology. Items that are merely wet and not submerged are often salvageable.
  • Deodorization eliminates the smell of smoke, mold, and other odors that upholstery and other items absorb.

Our Contents Restoration Successes

Antique Cash Register

Home and business owners are especially concerned with the restoration of priceless items such as heirlooms and antiques. These items cannot simply be replaced with a similar piece, thus quality contents restoration services are necessary to save them.

Hays + Sons works to restore your priceless belongings so you don’t lose the beauty, memories, and value associated with the items you treasure.

    Our team fully restored $20,000 worth of late 1800s Amish furniture from a flooded home. Thanks to careful restoration, the integrity of these priceless items was not lost.

      An antique cash register from the mid-1800s was compromised by a residential fire. Purchased by the family’s great-great-grandfather for use in his shop, this rare piece was the family’s last link to their long past relative, making it priceless. While extremely fragile and completely blackened with soot, our team carefully cleaned and restored the cash register, which is now fully functional and safe at home with the family.

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    If the belongings within your Indiana home or business have been damaged by fire, flood, or another disaster, it’s critical to start the contents restoration process as soon as possible to avoid further damage to items. Contact Hays + Sons today to request an estimate for the restoration of your items.


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