Saving Your Possessions from Disasters

Many people don’t stop and think about the possessions they want to protect from disasters. It is easy to think that disasters won’t happen to you and you don’t have to worry about protecting your valuable. It is important to know that disasters can happen to anyone at any moment. You can’t wait until a severe weather storm occurs to protect your home from damages. You need to take the time to protect possessions from potential disasters.
Here are a few steps that you can take to protect possessions of your home.
Keep important documents safe
You should keep all your important documents and original versions in a portable file system or a lock box. That way the information you have is in a convenience place that you can grab and go if you need to evacuate. You may also want to consider making electronic copies of your documents that way you save your information on a trusted hard drive.  
Valuables should be in a safe place
Your most prized possessions should be kept somewhere in your house where they are less likely to be damaged by a disaster. For example, you shouldn’t keep extra valuable items in your basement where they can get damaged from flooding in your home. If you have time to prepare before severe weather occurs or a natural disaster, consider covering delicate items with plastic sheeting.
Read your homeowner’s policy
Not knowing what is covered in a homeowner’s policy is one of the biggest mistakes by made disaster-devastated homeowners. Read and review your homeowner’s policy, so you know how much of your damaged possessions will be covered. Different events are all covered differently under certain scenarios so make sure you ask plenty of questions, so you have all the information you need.
Preparedness is crucial for every household. However, if you are not able to keep your possessions safe, you should rest assured knowing that most household items can be restored from damage. At Hays + Sons, we have a detailed and thorough contents restoration process that we use to save homeowners’ valuables. If you are ever dealing with damaged items from a disaster, don’t worry too quickly. Call Hays + Sons, and we will work with you through our contents restoration process to restore your items as quickly as possible.

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