Protect Your Home During a Power Outage

It is common for power outages to occur during the summer. Summer power outages due to severe weather or heat can happen without any notice. We know that a power outage can be frustrating to deal with, but it is important that you are prepared for them. The better prepared you are for power outages will mean the less you will need to worry about keeping your home safe.
We hope you won’t need to use them, but here are some safety tips you need to remember next time you are experiencing a power outage.
Prepare an emergency kit
One of the best ways to prepare for a summer power outage is to have an emergency response kit. Each kit can include anything you may need, but most should include a three-day supply of water and food for each member of your household, as well as flashlights, battery-powered radios, first aid kits, and medications.
Beware of carbon monoxide
Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious risk. When you’re trying to find an alternate power source or using a generator, this can be a potential issue, but if you position your generator outside and away from windows, vents or doors you may be able to prevent carbon monoxide exposure during a summer power outage
Unplug electrical equipment
If a power outage is happening due to severe weather and causing flooding in your home, you could be at risk for being electrocuted if these devices are still plugged into outlets when your power comes back on. To reduce this risk, you should unplug electrical equipment while the power is out and avoid any flooded water in your home. Make sure that everything is cleaned off and dry before you try to plug them in again.
Keep these tips in mind, and you will not need to worry about you and your home during the next summer power outage. If you experience any damage due to severe weather this summer, don’t hesitate to give Hays + Sons a call and we will be there for you!

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