Safety Tips for Flooded Basement Cleanup

We know you don’t want to think about or deal with the hassle of a flooded basement. Unfortunately, there is a chance that your basement could flood during the rainy season. A flooded basement is undoubtedly aggravating and inconvenient.
If you do have to deal with a flooded basement, we want to make sure that you are cleaning up the mess in a safe manner. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe and avoid potential cost for you.
Turn off the electricity
If there is any possibility that the water in the basement is in contact with a live electric current, you should not enter the water. Take the necessary precaution and turn off your main breaker box. Be sure only to do this if you can reach it without standing in water. If you can’t shut off the power yourself, call your power company and have them turn off the service until you have everything you need out of your flooded basement.
Wear appropriate clothing
If you do feel comfortable and safe walking through your flooded basement, be sure to wear boots with a good grip and thick soles. You may find mold or mildew, which will cause the area to be even more of a slip hazard. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from contaminants. Make sure you wash your skin thoroughly with soap if you come into contact with standing water from your basement.
Use generators and pumps
While you do not have any power to your home, you will need a generator or gas powered pump to remove the water. Position the generator or pump as far away from your home as possible, so you avoid fumes coming into your home. Never run a generator or pump inside your home no matter how good the ventilation seems. Running a generator in your home can cause deadly carbon monoxide to build up in your home.
Be aware of flammable substances
If a flood is severe enough to affect a large regional area, it is possible that the flood waters carried gasoline or other flammable chemicals into your basement. Be cautious that these substances could be in your home and watch out for any fumes. If you smell any chemical, especially gas, evacuate your family immediately.

A flooded basement is a tricky thing to deal with and can be dangerous. Water damage should be handled delicately and by a professional. If you ever have the unfortunate experience of dealing with a flooded basement, Hays + Sons is here to handle water remediation the right way.

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