What to Expect from a Commercial Restoration Company

When unexpected damage happens to your business, here’s what you should look for in a restoration company.

commercial restoration companyIn December of 2016, just two days before Christmas, Jeff Kivett, founder of MediaFuel digital marketing agency in Fishers, Indiana, got a call that no business owner wants to get. It was the alarm company, calling to tell him that a vehicle had crashed head-on into the front of his building and shattered the façade.

Because the business was closed for the holidays, no employees were inside, so no one was hurt. However, Kivett knew he needed emergency board-up service right away, to secure his equipment and other valuables, and then he needed a plan of action to restore the damage. He called his insurance agent, who immediately referred him to Hays + Sons.

As a business owner, would you and/or your employees know what to do and who to call if your business experienced storm damage, fire damage, or water damage, or if you needed board-up service, contents restoration or even mold remediation that resulted from an unexpected event? And what should you look for when you’re selecting a restoration company?

Here’s what you should expect from a commercial restoration company. 


  1. Responsiveness and capacity. Mishaps don’t just occur from 9 to 5. When your business is unsecured, or further damage could result unless immediate action is taken, quick response time is critical. Look for a commercial restoration company that’s nearby, available 24/7 and is large enough to have the capacity to handle every aspect of your restoration, from board-up service, to water damage restoration, storm damage repair, fire damage restoration, roof repair, carpet cleaning and general contracting, if needed. 
  2. Excellent communication. When the unexpected strikes your business, all of your carefully laid plans get put on hold. You need to know what the schedule is for your business restoration project and when you can expect things to get back to normal.
  3. A sense of urgency. Time is money for your business. Look for a commercial restoration company with a team of experienced restoration professionals who understand the fact that every minute your business is down is lost revenue for you. They should have a sense of urgency and work as quickly and efficiently as they can to get you back up and running.
  4. Integrity and a commitment to quality. Yes, you want your commercial restoration done quickly, but you also want it done right. Choose a commercial restoration company with integrity and a commitment to quality that uses materials that meet or exceed industry standards. Ask them if they stand behind their work, and check their online reviews.



The takeaway

As a business owner, you have to expect the unexpected. The best strategy to ensure your business is protected is to do your research before damage occurs, find a local commercial restoration company you feel confident with, and get an emergency action plan in place. That way, if the unexpected happens, you and your team will know exactly what to do.

About Hays + Sons

Hays + Sons takes pride in providing exceptional commercial restoration service. To facilitate the most efficient restoration for businesses we can, we are pleased to offer our Priority Service Agreement (PSA). Businesses that opt in to our PSA can access emergency response planning assistance through a web-based application that allows them to create floor plans and a key contact list that their teams can use in emergencies. A commercial mitigation discount program is also available, and no contract is required to participate.

For more than 35 years, Hays + Sons has been the restoration company that families, businesses and schools trust. The compassionate, experienced and trusted restoration experts at Hays + Sons are just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With offices throughout the Midwest in Fort Wayne, Crown Point, Indianapolis, Columbus, Muncie and Lafayette as well as Cincinnati, Ohio, there’s a Hays + Sons near you.

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