COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols for Large Facilities

Covid 19 Stadium Cleaning

In today’s world, cleaning is no longer a basic measure performed to maintain the neatness and aesthetic appeal of large facilities. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, stringent sanitation standards are necessary to safeguard public health and safety. The COVID-19 cleaning protocols necessary to protect patrons and others today are more intensive than the typical routines employed just one year ago.

As our facilities reopen and adjust operations in the face of current public health concerns, strict COVID-19 cleaning protocols must be adopted. Comprehensive, science-based commercial cleaning regimens provide customers, visitors, and staff much-needed peace of mind while shielding the facility against potential liabilities.

Hays & Sons has recently been contracted to perform large facility cleaning services for Purdue University’s Ross-Ade Stadium, home of Boilermaker football. To ensure the health and safety of patrons, players, and staff alike, the University has implemented new safeguards and restrictions this year, including restricted crowd sizes with assigned seating, face covering requirements, and the adoption of COVID-19 cleaning protocols for the stadium. Our team is proud to assist Purdue Football in their mission to promote a safe atmosphere for those who visit, play, and work at the Ross-Ade Stadium – take a look at the COVID-19 cleaning protocols Hays & Sons implements when performing large facility commercial cleaning for event venues and other commercial buildings.

COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols

While we continue to learn more about the novel coronavirus each day, COVID-19 cleaning protocols have been developed to address the sanitation needs of large facilities that are open to the public during the pandemic based on current knowledge.

High-Touch Surfaces Cleaning

The Centers for Disease Control recommends surfaces that high-traffic, hard-surface touchpoints be disinfected and cleaned on a frequent basis in commercial facilities. While surface cleaning was of high importance in the early days of the pandemic, recent research has shown the risk of transmission from contaminated surfaces is lower than originally believed – however, in a stadium that sees hundreds of guests even at a reduced capacity, COVID-19 cleaning protocols must address these potential hotspots for disease spread.

High-touch areas targeted for frequent disinfection and cleaning within the stadium include:

  • Restrooms
  • Locker rooms
  • Door handles
  • Handrails
  • Countertops
  • Seating

Simply wiping down high-traffic touchpoints often isn’t enough – appropriate disinfection products must be used. Before the coronavirus pandemic, weaker disinfectants may have been used in facility cleaning – now, it is recommended that cleaning staff use products approved to kill SARS-CoV-2 on surfaces. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains a database of disinfection products compliant with COVID-19 cleaning protocols which have proven effective against the COVID-19 virus, similar human coronaviruses, or pathogens which are tougher to kill when used correctly. According to the EPA, surfaces should be pre-cleaned with soap and water before treatment with a disinfectant – disinfectant should be applied in sufficient volumes to keep the surface damp for the product’s recommended contact time.

Cleaning of Soft Surfaces

Soft surfaces such as carpeting, rugs, drapery, and upholstery have different COVID-19 cleaning protocols versus hard surfaces. Visible contamination should be removed from these surfaces using typical cleaners and cleaning methods, such as vacuuming and shampooing. When appropriate, materials should be laundered per the manufacturer’s directions on the warmest water setting approved for the item then thoroughly dried per product recommendations.

Generally, regular cleaning and/or laundering is sufficient for low-touch soft surfaces as a limited number of disinfectants are EPA-approved for soft, porous surface COVID-19 cleaning protocols. If disinfectants are to be used, the right products must be identified before use to avoid damaging the surface.

Large Facility Cleaning Services in Indiana

When it comes to COVID-19 cleaning protocols, frequency of cleaning services must be addressed when developing a comprehensive sanitation plan. It’s also imperative that cleaning staff take precautions to reduce the risk of transmission and other injuries while performing services, including the use of gloves and protective gear when using disinfectants as well as practicing social distancing.

As a commercial cleaning provider, Hays & Sons works with each facility to identify their cleaning needs and how often services need to be performed. In the case of an event venue such as Ross-Ade Stadium, thorough cleaning should be performed after each event, with frequent surface cleaning on game days when patrons are present. Our staff is committed to protecting your facility through the use of COVID-19 cleaning protocols and cleaning safety guidelines.

Protect your facility, patrons, and staff by implementing COVID-19 cleaning protocols today – contact Hays & Sons to learn how.


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