What to Expect from a Commercial Restoration Company

When unexpected damage happens to your business, here’s what you should look for in a restoration company.

commercial restoration companyIn December of 2016, just two days before Christmas, Jeff Kivett, founder of MediaFuel digital marketing agency in Fishers, Indiana, got a call that no business owner wants to get. It was the alarm company, calling to tell him that a vehicle had crashed head-on into the front of his building and shattered the façade.

Because the business was closed for the holidays, no employees were inside, so no one was hurt. However, Kivett knew he needed emergency board-up service right away, to secure his equipment and other valuables, and then he needed a plan of action to restore the damage. He called his insurance agent, who immediately referred him to Hays + Sons.

As a business owner, would you and/or your employees know what to do and who to call if your business experienced storm damage, fire damage, or water damage, or if you needed board-up service, contents restoration or even mold remediation that resulted from an unexpected event? And what should you look for when you’re selecting a restoration company?

Here’s what you should expect from a commercial restoration company.  Continue reading “What to Expect from a Commercial Restoration Company”

Showcasing our Contracting Skills with the Bullseye Event Center

The stunning new home of the Hays + Sons Colts VIP Tailgate Party

Did you know that in addition to handling residential restoration, commercial restoration and restoration for schools, Hays + Sons also does general construction and award-winning home renovation? We were thrilled to handle the build-out of Bullseye Event Group’s amazing new facility—the Bullseye Event Center, located at 723 S. Capitol in downtown Indianapolis.

Transforming a long-unused warehouse

Overall, the project took 3 months from start to finish. The crew at Hays +Sons really got into this project, as we were able to unleash our creativity and really make the space come alive. When we first got a look at this long-unused, 9,500 square-foot warehouse, we knew we had our work cut out for us, but we definitely saw the potential. Planning the layout of the space, together with Kyle Kinnett, from Bullseye Event Group, was amazing.

We envisioned a multi-use facility that could accommodate varying group sizes, anywhere from 100 to 1000 people with an industrial-chic vibe, fully operational glass garage doors, acid-washed concrete floors, natural stone finishes, reclaimed wood and exposed brick walls.

In order to bring this vision to life, here’s what we had to do: Continue reading “Showcasing our Contracting Skills with the Bullseye Event Center”

What in the world is that in our gym?

image-32Street shoes on a gym floor are bad enough, but water on a gym floor is even worse. When a water disaster hit this facility, Hays + Sons came to the rescue.  We first got rid of the surface water and then set up our specialized equipment to dry the floor out completely and efficiently before this beautiful wood gym could start to warp from the moisture.
Tenting the floor with plastic creates a drying chamber that cuts drying time down significantly. The two dehumidifiers create a push/pull setup so that they’re only processing the air in the tented area and not the whole gym.
Our certified and trained team of water restoration experts will have the basketball team back on the court in no time. Our water damage restoration services are available at any of our locations in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Muncie, Crown Point, Fort Wayne, Lafayette, & Columbus. Hays + Sons, we do water restoration right.

Helping Ball State get ready for the big game!

Hays + Sons to the rescue. image-31
What did Ball State do when they found they had water on their gym floor right before the big game? They called Hays + Sons, of course. Our team of certified and trained water mitigation experts came to the rescue and dried out the gym so the game could be played.

Commercial Water Loss – Did you know?

We can handle big jobs.

Hays + Sons is equipped to handle large commercial water losses. Whether it’s responding to 400+ water losses a month during disasters, or a 22 story commercial water loss, we have the capacity, equipment, and manpower to get the job done. With 6 locations in Indiana and Ohio, each office is set up to share resources, allowing us to respond quickly and turn no one away…
image-22Commercial Water Loss

Hays + Sons Contents Facility

Contents Facility

Hays + Sons has a dedicated Contents Facility. What are contents? Contents are all the things in your house like furniture, toys, kitchen items, electronics, photos, art, etc. Basically, anything that’s not attached to the wall, floor or ceiling. Our team of professionals clean, restore and store your items until your property has been returned to its pre-loss condition.
Check out our website for more information. www.haysandsons.com

Contents Facilityimage-17

22 Story Water Loss Restoration

Hays + Sons responds to a 22 story water loss in downtown Indy. The Hays Water Team extracted the water in 7 hours and had over 600 pieces of equipment set, drying out the building.
That’s the power of pulling manpower and equipment from all six locations. Great job Team Hays!!
Restoration of Hallwayimage-13

22 Story Water Damage Restoration

Water. Water everywhere.

Hays + Sons responds to a 22 story water loss in downtown Indy. The water ran for 45 minutes, at an estimated flow rate of 3,000 – 4,000 gallons per minute. That’s 135,000 – 180,000 gallons of water that needed to be extracted! Check out these photos from before our restoration process.
Water Damage Restorationimage-9

Apartments Ravaged by Fire in West Lafayette

Hays + Sons Completes Large-Scale Repairs on Apartments Ravaged by Fire in West Lafayette, Ind. in April

INDIANAPOLIS – At 5 a.m. on April 24th, a fire broke out at the Riverbend Apartments on 202 S. River Road in West Lafayette, Ind. The three-story building contained 32 apartments and all tenants were students at Purdue University. The fire claimed the life of 22-year old Cody Day, who was staying with his friends when the fire broke out.
Hays + Sons was called to the scene at 8 a.m. the morning of the fire, though the West Lafayette Fire Department had not yet released the scene due to the fatality. Hays + Sons was able to begin temporary repairs to the building to prevent further damage on Friday, April 25, 2014.
“The Hays + Sons team was very quick and prompt to help us button up the building and secure the residents’ belongings when the fire was first put out,” said Jay Humrickhouse, manager of the Riverbend Apartments. “They were very conscientious and courteous towards the residents and the difficult time they were going through.”
Because of a history of fast, trustworthy work with student housing in the area, Hays + Sons was chosen to begin large-scale demolition on May 21. In total, Hays + Sons rebuilt 8 units in 10 weeks: 4 4-bedroom townhouses and 4 2-bedroom apartments.
As a result of the tragic loss, the city of West Lafayette required the installation of an updated fire detection system throughout the entire building, which included a main control panel that gives the heat and smoke sensors direct contact with the fire department. This new system eliminates the need for anyone to call 911 and allows a quicker response by emergency services in the hopes of saving lives.
“Throughout the process, they understood we were under a very stringent timeframe to get the residents back in before the start of the Purdue school year,” said Humrickhouse. “They worked diligently and professionally to get the job done – and we got our residents back in on time.”
Hays + Sons is continuing to finish minor items and all tenants are moved back in to the complex.