Great work Carly and Hays + Sons Team

Recognition of great work.

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much we appreciate the excellent service our clients received. Last year we all got hammered on May 21. Our small agency filed a lot of property damage claims, and we used a few different local companies.
I cannot remember any of our clients that chose Hays & Sons ever calling us regarding a lack of service or contact. I can remember getting not-great calls regarding the other companies service, but if our clients used Hays….it just seemed to me the process went smooth.
I remember calling once regarding a roof repair and lack of service. Carly was immediately on it. And that’s when we realized that client didn’t choose Hays.
Thank you for your service. It’s comforting to know the claim will be handled professionally if the client chooses Hays. We appreciate that and we appreciate you!
Thank you again,