Prevent Frozen Pipes

How to correctly handle frozen pipes.

When the temperature drops, the pipes in your home are at risk of damage from freezing conditions. Low temperatures can cause your water pipes to freeze or in some cases burst. Below are some tips to help prevent this from happening.

  • Disconnect all gardening hoses and install covers on all outside faucets.
  • Keep your house temperature at 68 degrees or higher.
  • Open cabinet doors below sinks to allow air to circulate.
  • Identify the main water shut-off in your house and on your water heater. This will come in handy during an emergency.
  • Wrap pipes nearest to exterior walls and in crawl spaces with pipe insulation or heating tape.
  • Close all windows near water pipes; cover or close open-air vents.
  • Heat your basement and consider weather sealing your windows.
  • Insulate outside walls and uninsulated areas of your home.
  • Allow faucets to drip slightly with lukewarm water.