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Call us any time 800-536-4056


Water mitigation requires highly specialized processes and procedures to minimize both short- and long-term damage.

With Clean Trust Certified technicians, we can restore your property safely and effectively.

Dedicated Water Team

Our team of disaster recovery professionals has extensive experience in water mitigation and restoration. These specialists are certified and receive ongoing training to maintain a current, effective approach to be a trusted partner to you. Continual training is a priority for our company and it insures that our team of specialists is always equipped with the latest tools and techniques.


At Hays + Sons we understand that the safety of your family is paramount. Our trained experts will ensure that our thorough and meticulous mold removal and remediation will make your home safe and worry-free for you and your loved ones.

Quick Tip

About six months after a flooding event, check wood floors for signs of shrinkage or rot. Further repair work may be necessary.

Equipment & Process

Using the latest in structural drying techniques, Hays + Sons can dry wallboard, paneling, ceiling tiles, insulation, masonry, wood and metal studs, plaster walls and other structural components. This minimizes the amount of total reconstruction required therefore reducing time and costs associated with repairing water damaged properties – getting you back into your home or business quickly and affordably.

Areas that become water-soaked create high-ambient humidity that can impact un-flooded areas. This can lead to deterioration of timber, sheetrock, electrical wiring, metal components, paint and wallpaper. Through prompt implementation of proper drying techniques these negative outcomes can often be minimized or prevented.