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Hays + Sons does restoration right. We exist to help people put their homes and lives back together after a disaster.

You can count on us to manage all aspects of the emergency response, cleaning, and restoration of your home, bringing calm and efficiency to this chaotic time.

Emergency Response

24 hours a day, including holidays and weekends, Hays + Sons is available to respond to emergencies. We have the capability, experience and organization to mobilize quickly and effectively – becoming your helping hand in a time of need.

Fire Repair & Restoration

Our expertise in fire, water and storm damage to residential property adds up to more than 30 years of helping people gain back their homes where they can continue their lives. From complete restoration and renovation to small repairs, you can turn to Hays + Sons to manage all aspects of the job.

Storm Damage

Nothing can cause damage and inconvenience to your home like a severe storm. Pounding rain, a strong wind, lightning or hail can represent thousands of dollars in damage to homeowners.

Hays + Sons offers a complete package of residential and industrial services ranging from board-up services to roofing and siding repairs to tree removal and window replacement.

Water Removal

Water mitigation requires highly specialized processes and procedures to minimize both short- and long-term damage. With our Clean Trust Certified technicians, we can lend a hand to restore your property safely and effectively.  Learn more about our Water services.


At Hays + Sons we understand that the safety of your family is paramount. Our trained experts will ensure that our thorough and meticulous mold removal and remediation will make your home safe and worry-free for you and your loved ones.

Quick Tip

Water-damaged materials should be dried and cleaned within two or three days of water removal to prevent the developement of mold, which poses a health hazard.

If mold has already developed, vulnerable persons, such as infants, the elderly, or those with asthma, should avoid the area while cleaning occurs.

Personal Property Care & Cleaning

Immediate attention to damaged residences can minimize property loss and restore peace of mind. Our Hays + Sons Contents Restoration Service brings additional efficiency to the loss recovery process. Personal contents can be assessed by our team for protection, repair and salvage needs. Services include contents cleaning, dry cleaning, data recovery, electronics repair, artwork restoration and climate-controlled warehousing. Working with Hays + Sons Certified Restorer and Certified Restoration Technicians to protect and restore your possessions simplifies the overall recovery process, and helps you feel reassured that your damaged items are in good hands. Learn more about our Contents services.

Emergency Moving & Inventories

Our Hays + Sons team is trained, certified and ready to coordinate, take inventory and move contents and salvage from the loss site to our 280,000cf climate-controlled warehouse. Our Inventory Bar Coding system and secured content storage space provide assurance that your property is secure and protected.

Furniture Repair & Restoration

Damaged furniture is cleaned, stripped, repaired and reupholstered as needed to achieve desired results in the Hays + Sons mill and furniture shop. Our furniture shop personnel have over 80 years of experience in refinishing, repairing and replicating parts from antique to modern furniture.

Household Contents Restoration

Contents are cleaned, deodorized, repaired and restored in our restoration shop by Hays + Sons technicians whose experience extends from common household items to office documents and equipment.

Temporary Warehousing

Household contents, documents, furniture and office equipment can all be stored in Hays & Sons’ 280,000cf climate-controlled warehouse, ready for delivery when structural repairs are complete.

Quick Tip

When the weather is very cold outside, let the cold water drip from the faucet served by exposed pipes. Running water through the pipe – even at a trickle – helps prevent pipes from freezing.