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Flooded Basement

Get Your Basement Back to Normal Fast with Hays + Sons

flooded-basementBasements tend to be the areas of a home that commonly flood during water emergencies. Water comes into your home from ways inside and outside the house. When there is an excessive amount of rain, the ground becomes saturated. The saturated grounds results in hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure happens when the moisture outside of the basement exceeds the pressure inside. Naturally, water will flow to the lower pressure which causes foundational leaks and flooded basements.

When you are dealing with a flooded basement, call Hays + Sons, and we will respond quickly. We will remove the water in your flooded basement efficiently before the water damage becomes worse. Our team will identify the source of the issue and photograph everything effected in the flooded basement. We put together a drying plan, and our plans include the industry’s best methods for water restoration. You can trust us to do water restoration the right way.