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Contents Facility Services

Contents Restoration Services

Our Contents Restoration Service team is filled with Hays + Sons Certified Restorers and Certifies Restoration Technicians who are equipped with the skills to assess items for protection, repair and salvage needs. The services we provide include interior cleaning, emergency moving and inventories, furniture repair, and office contents restoration. Our restorers and technicians will ensure that you feel confident knowing your belongings are in good hands by protecting your items through the entire over all recovery process.

Interior Cleaning

We bring immediate attention to potential property loss and start the cleaning process as quickly as possible. To lessen the impact of damage from soot, water and exposure we pre-clean items that are made of sensitive material such as metal, plastic, marble and finished wood. Damaged doors, windows, cabinets and other valued items are disassembled to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned inside and out.

Emergency Moving & Inventories

The Hays + Sons team members are trained and certified to use our Inventory Bar Coding system. Our system allows us to organize and coordinate the inventory of contents and securely store your property in our climate controlled warehouse.

Furniture Repair

Our furniture shop has over 80 years of experience refurbishing all types of furniture. Furniture that is damage from a disaster is cleaned, stripped, repaired and reupholstered. Our team does everything to replicate items and achieve the desired result.

Office Contents Restoration

We don’t just take care of your household items we can also save your office equipment. Our technicians will clean, deodorize, repaired and restore office equipment to ensure the equipment is fully functioning so you can get back to business.