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Contents Facility 360 Video

After your family has gone through a disaster, we know you have about a million details flying through your mind, and you’re probably thinking about your favorite items that are gone forever. At Hays + Sons, we want to restore your hope and your possessions. We want you to believe in us and our contents restoration process and feel confident knowing your belongings are in the best care possible. Take a look at our 360 video of our facility video to see and understand the complete restoration and storage process that your items will go through when they are in our hands.


About Device and Browser Support

As 360° video is still relatively new, there are some devices and browsers that do not support the 360° video functionality.On Desktop:

The browsers that support 360° video are Chrome and Firefox. Please use one of these browsers to view this page.

On Mobile: 

When clicking the play button on this page, you will be prompted to choose how to view the video. You must choose to open it in the YouTube App in order for the 360° functionality to work. Some older mobile devices do not support 360° videos.